Typical Day at Darden – Video

This is a video from one of my typical days as a Second Year Darden student. I filmed this video on December 9th and it includes clips from first coffee, classes, and the halls of Darden.

8 Responses to “Typical Day at Darden – Video”

  1. David says:

    Interesting video. A mini-tour day. Everything looked great, but the chairs in the learning team rooms looked like they could use an upgrade. Looks like they spent all that money on the large speaker hall 😉 Beautiful place overall; thanks for the video!

    • Bill Gray says:

      I totally agree about the chairs. The rumor around school is that they were donated by an alumni who wanted to preserve some of the schools history. In this case, he wanted to preserve the style of Darden’s original learning team room chairs.

  2. jen says:

    useful to see a typical day. school is very pretty. It has a very private and small feel. how many people are in your class?

    • Bill Gray says:

      First year classes have about 65 students. (~320 students spread across 5 sections).

      Some of the second year elective classes are smaller and only have around 40 students.

  3. William Willer says:

    Very nicely done, Bill! I really enjoyed the tour. I earned my mba from Carnegie Mellon in 1998, and your video certainly brought back memories, as there are certain similarities with regard to the “feel” of a given day. In addition, I think you have created a video that will be helpful to those prospective mba students out there, who are wondering what the b-school experience is like. Your video reflects well on Darden, and I am sure the school is quite happy with your effort. Best of luck with your studies!

  4. Ron says:

    Very informative for such a short clip. If you could do it all again, would you go full-time or part-time? Good luck with B-School.

  5. della says:

    really informative. i miss darden.